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Things Just got Real...
It is Humid, And A slight mourning mist in the Island. A small warm breeze moves through the air.
It is 12:00 PM In RP time.
Congratulations Lucas For being April's KotM!
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 ~Iro~ The Deadly Blood Shed

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PostSubject: ~Iro~ The Deadly Blood Shed   Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:23 am

This is Iro, The Deadliest Breed Out There, The Leader of your Pack, And this is My Domain...


Nickname:Call Him Iro or die

*Gender:Brute male

*Age:2 and a half

Wolf Species:96% Dire wolf, 4% Wolf

*Rank:Blood Shed

Desired Rank: Stop... I mean it

*Fur Color: Just look at his Profile Pic

*Eye Color:Red, and as angry and Burning as the sun

Markings:Many scars, but he always heals from them

Scars:Many scars, but he always heals from them

*Personality:He is a brutal male, and the leader. He will Kill, and has done many times. He is charming to the Females, And is the father of all pups

Likes:Stop asking things like this

Dislikes:Humans, Outcasts

Strengths:Everything is used as a plus for him, meaning he can even make the Worst things counter attack the enemy.

Weaknesses:NONE, He is a Blood Shed!

*History: Bred to physical Perfection, he had the hatred for humans just when he was a pup. Raven and Him, were born from the same mother, but not the father. He inherited the dire wolf of his father, and Very little from his mother. He was the first one to strike against the humans, and had been what the pack looked up to ever since.

Raven Bird~ Sister


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~Iro~ The Deadly Blood Shed
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