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  P4 Ᏹ Forgotten Experiment Ᏹ

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PostSubject: P4 Ᏹ Forgotten Experiment Ᏹ   Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:16 pm

(ATTENTION: Kaibutsu is a killable character)

Nickname: Kaibutsu (Monster)

labaratory name: P4

Name: unknown

Männlich (male)


Species:Old german sheperd (former him)

Amount of the *Breed* within him: 95% (he was one of the first dogs, which got experimented with)

Rank: None

Desired Rank: Not intrested

Fur Color:His pelt is a mix of dark naples yellow and raw umber. His back fur is black

physical appereance: Kaibutsu is an unnaturualy large, muscle fillled creature whith a broad Torso and strong legs. During the years, he mutated and reached the size of a full grown male lion and pretty much looks like one too especially because of his long mane around his neck. He has a thick and leather like skin, making it impossible for others to tear it open. The skin on the left side of his chest however, is gone and the pink muscle flesh is visible such as his veins. A chain, which has brought on by humans during the experiments, still juts out from his left hip. His eyes are very swollen and his ears are pretty small for his big head.

Eye Color:
A dark forest green but there often were cases where his eyes turned into a bright, glowing red.

Mainly his face is covered with markings. He has a walnut brown snout and is black around the eyes. His ears are also dark brown and his back is black furred till to his tail tip.

Scars: Has a few stitches above his left eye because of the scientists who experimented with him. The right side of Kaibutsu´s chest is completely unskinned so the pink muscle flesh juts out.

unpredictable. Due to the fact that Kaibutsu has been abused for almost his whole life by humans, he developed an unstoppable fury for them and longs for revenge. It seems that his personality only consists of pure aggression and blind anger but his former *me* however, was a loyal and sensetive soul. Protective and trustworthy. It all changed tough, on a faitful day when he got betrayed by the humans.

bloody massacres, deaths caused by him. And thats the only thing he likes...

Dislikes: Everybody, since he has no reason anymore to like something...

Strengths: His monstrous size is making him have an advantage in every fight. Has incredible speed and can easily keep up with a motorcyclist. No normal canine can keep up with his immense strength.

None...except for one. His skin is too hard to bite through but the uncovered part of his chest, where his muscles and veins jut out is the only woundable part of his body. It´s still pretty thick tough and if you really want to try to kill him then you have to charge this very part and chew yourself through the meat so you can reach his heart in order to tear it apart...

History: Before he even get to know his mother probably, he got taken away by some humans in order to become a professional guard dog. A few years passed and after he finsihed his special training he and some other dogs, which were in the same training group, got brought to a lonely island. There they had to guard a huge labaratory building which scientists wanted to use in order to breed a new species of dogs. Kaibutsu trusted the humans back then and his comrades of course then they were the only family he had. One day tough, the humans choosed some dogs for their first experiment and Kaibutsu was one of them. He got brought into sector 4 and that´s also the reason why he has been named P4 by both scientists and dogs. In the next days he had to go through several, painful tests and became one of the first prototypes of the new breed. It took him a few years till he fully lost faith in the humans because they had raised him since the day he was a pup. His body got infected by gene manipulations, deforming his body to the max and in the end...transforming him into a monster. 5 years past and finally he managed to break free form the chains which have clinged him on the operating table for so long. He killed every single human in the sector including the guard dogs who charged him in order to protect them. He killed both the scientists and his own comrades. After slaughtering them there was only one of the dogs he couldnt kill...the one who listened to his pain and didnt ignore him like the others. Kaibutsu escaped from the building and now terrorizes the humans and all the other living creatuers which are in the way. He´s now referred as *the lion monster* and has no sympathy for anybody, not even for his own kind.

Meanwhile the scientists ordered the remaining guard dogs to go on a mission in order to find and bring Kaibutsu down. They obey the humans eart and soul and do as they were told. Special assassins is what they are, professional killers with other words who track Kaibutsu ever since he had escpaed from the lab. They wont stop tilll they find him and are also willing to throw away their own lifes for the humans.

formerly his trainer and the other guard dogs in his group

Real family: unknown

Name: Jerome

Species: german sheperd

Gender: male

Age: 7

Job: guard dog and assassin (was sent out to a mission in order to bring down Kaibutsu
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P4 Ᏹ Forgotten Experiment Ᏹ
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