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 Allison Mae Argent

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PostSubject: Allison Mae Argent   Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:04 pm

Name; Allison Mae Argent
Nickname; --
Age & Birth Date; Twenty One & February 6th
Gender; Female
Species; Vampire
Played by; Crystal Reed

Hair; Her hair is a mix between brown and black, it all depends on the lighting. It's alters between a middle and side parting. It falls to mid chest, and it frames her face.
Eyes; Her eyes are brown, with flecks of gold inside of them. They bright out her pale face, and brighten her look.
Height; 5' 7 ¾"
Weight; 115 LBS
Body Modifications; Two ear holes on both ears, cartilage on both ears, tragus on her right ear, and her left ear has the anti tragus. She also has the number 288 on the back of her neck.
Scars; Allison has no visible scars.

Personality; Allison has many emotions, like humans. She's mostly a pretty happy person, she loves to smile and have fun. She's a generally nice person, it depends on how you treat her in most cases. If you treat her like crap, she'll be hostile. She hates being mad at people, but if you do something she doesn't like that affects her or her friends she'll be pissed. She likes to go out, and be a bit rowdy depending on the night and the situation. She likes to have fun, so if you really would like to get to know her; be a fun person. She can be a confident, and proud person depending on the situation. She knows she's got a nice body, so she's mostly confident about that.

She can be a bitch, if you piss her off. She prefers to stay dramatic free, but sometimes it slips right by her and she just is dramatic. Daring and risk taking, she has put herself in harms way for her friends and loved ones. She likes to take risk and challenge herself at tasks. She likes to try new things, and is never one to stick to one thing. She can be a very stubborn person, and tends to not listen to people all that much.

Likes; Allison likes to have a few drinks, not a hardcore alcoholic but she tends to have a drink every now and then during the night. Nothing to make her wasted or tipsy, just something to be in her system. She also has a thing for having fun, she's a bit reckless so ahe likes to be daring and ahe tends to put her life on the line. She's one for breaking the rules, or not following them too. She hates following rules, so she'll probably won't listen if you were to give her rules for something.
Dislikes; Allison dislikes werewolves, past with them and her family hates them.
Fears; Philophobia, one of her biggest fears. She fears to fall in love, because if they end up breaking her heart or something, it wouldn't be a good sign. She isn't one to get involved, she tends to stray of love relationships, rather be a friend or a fuck bud. Or if she does get feelings, she'll probably deny them at any cost.

Sexual Orientation; Straight
Relationship Status; Single
Boyfriend/Husband; No one.
Children; Never

Parents; Victoria Argent and Chris Argent
Siblings; Nope
Pets; Nope
Car; Chevy Silverado
Interesting Facts; - She pretended to be a human.
Past; Allison's family all started back, 506 years ago. She was born in a bad time, bad family and bad world. By the time she was eighteen, she was seriously ill and near death. The doctor who was taking care of her, told everyone she had died and then bit her making her become a vampire. After that, she was stuck in the whole Project 3666 for a long time. When she got out she stayed in Seabrook Mansion with others of her kind before she escaped and moved back to Beacon Hills and got adopted. Her family life is difficult. Before her death, Her mother was given to fits of rage. Her father is over protective while Allison has a bit of a rebellious streak. Her aunt was trying to be the cool aunt that everyone loved, when she only pushed Allison to doing what her family did. Which was hunt werewolves, which fucked up her whole life in the long run because she fell in love with a werewolf. She got back into school, and met a guy. They fell in love. She spent a few months dating a werewolf, and when her family came out about them hunting werewolves, which they already knew her boyfriend was one so she pretended to break up him. That only lasted a year and a half, and then she confronted her family on how she didn't want to be like them. She didn't want to hunt werewolves, and pretend she didn't feel bad for killing them.

Her mom went on a rampage, and ordered that the family hunted down every single last one of them and killed them all. During that hunt down, her mom is bitten by the alpha wolf and infected. Also, Kate her aunt died that night too when the Alpha wolf, Peter Hale attacked her. Later that night, her mom Victoria took her life because she didn't want to be a werewolf either. All this shocks Allison, and she fights with her father. Screaming and yelling at him because he let them do this, she was so angry and upset. She kept on screaming, and pushing him away until she retreated to her room to ball her eyes out. That was a hard time of her life, to have to sit there and let her dad tell everyone her mom had suffered from depression and committed suicide to keep the whole immortal thing a secret.

Just shortly after grade 10, Scott and her broke up because he cheated on her and she turned to drinking and partying, she snuck out and went to parties. Used fake ids, and we to clubs and did a ton of illegal things. She's almost been arrested before, but she got free. She grew up as a rebellious kid, so she tends to stay a rebel. After all that had happened, she ditched life in Beacon Hills and is now looking for a place to be.
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Allison Mae Argent
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