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Things Just got Real...
It is Humid, And A slight mourning mist in the Island. A small warm breeze moves through the air.
It is 12:00 PM In RP time.
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 Andrew Jesse Roy

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PostSubject: Andrew Jesse Roy   Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:06 pm

Name; Andrew Jesse Roy
Nickname; Drew
Age & Birth Date; Twenty & May 16
Gender; Male
Species; Human
Played by; Drew Roy / Andrew Roy

Hair; Drew has short black hair that is normally lazily styled whatever way it feels like.
Eyes; Drew has greenish-blue eyes with a little brown and teal.
Height; 5' 9½"
Weight; 185 lbs
Body Modifications; Nope.
Scars; He has a few scars from being reckless.

Personality; Drew is quite the joyful man, he's all about smiles and laughs. He tends to be on the happier side a lot, he's a happy go lucky kind of a person. He is nice which means hes mostly welcoming and he's a good person to be friends with. He's generous is some cases, he'll help a friend in need. He's funny, tends to have a good sense of humor and looks for people with a good sense of humor. He's talkative, he loves to talk. Everything about talking is fun, you get to know the person more and it's just exciting. He is a confident and pleasant young man who loves to be around people. He can be a little too hot-headed for his own good, he never had any reason behind the anger that bubbled beneath the surface of his his skin sometimes. He has a small temper and when he gets mad he acts out with violent and aggressive behavior.
Likes; Drew likes to be risky, he tends to put himself at risk a lot and tends to fuck around with dangerous things. His favourite thing to do is to do dangerous activities, being stupid really.
Dislikes; People who go out of their way to make him angry, just be nice for once yo.
Fears; Tocophobia, one of his fears would be the fear of pregnancy and childbirth. He never wants to be a father, and the whole pregnancy shit is just scary. He wraps his dick so no child are made.

Sexual Orientation; Straight
Relationship Status; Single
Girlfriend/Wife; No one.
Children; Never

Parents; Andrea Roy and Jeremiah Roy
Siblings; Liam Roy and Madison Roy
Pets; Diablo his Rottweiler.
Car; Ferrari F12 Berlinaetta
Interesting Facts; He loves his dog, it's like the only family he likes.
Past; W.I.P
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Andrew Jesse Roy
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