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Things Just got Real...
It is Humid, And A slight mourning mist in the Island. A small warm breeze moves through the air.
It is 12:00 PM In RP time.
Congratulations Lucas For being April's KotM!
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 Mae ~Raven's Girl~

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Location : With My MOM! Raven Bird! :D

PostSubject: Mae ~Raven's Girl~   Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:39 pm

Name: Mae

Gender : Female

Age : New born

Species : 1% The Breed 99% German Shepherd/Dire Wolf

Fur: A soft, and thick yet short black color. The under fur of the belly is a light/dark brown color. It's REALLY soft, and kind sticks out, fluffy.

Build: Is tall and strong for a pup her age, but that's only because she has percentage of The Breed in her. Other then that, she looks like a normal German Shepherd.

Rank: I'm just a pup, I don't know.

Mate: I don't think so!-__-

Pup(s): Bee, Please.

Family: Mother: Raven Bird: Alive
Father: Iro: Alive

Personality: She's (Me) is pretty loving. Hasn't learned to hate Humans Or Dogs yet. She hasn't learned about what makes her different from other dogs that look like her. She doesn't really...Know....About the world and how it works here on the Island.

Like(s): A lot of things! She doesn't know how to hate yet.

Dis-Like(s): Not to many things.

History: I HAVE no effin History. I was just born! All I have now is a Future.

Scars: A scar on the right side, for my mother had been stabbed by a Hunter, and for that, it pierced me, but didn't kill me.

I am NOT a kill able Character. I would Like to stay ALIVE on this rp site! Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Mae ~Raven's Girl~   Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:22 pm

Cute Puppy! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Mae ~Raven's Girl~   Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:36 pm

Pppppppuuuppppppppppyyyyyyy!!!!! *huggles*


Realationship Status: I am deeply in love with someone, and it isn't just on this RP site.

Boobs Or Bum?

Her Heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Mae ~Raven's Girl~   

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Mae ~Raven's Girl~
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