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 Sophia Lilly Parker

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PostSubject: Sophia Lilly Parker   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:46 pm

My name is Sophia Lilly Parker. My first name is from my great great grandmother. She meant a lot to me and my mother so I guess that is why my mom named me that. My middle name comes after my mother's first name. My last name is of course my father's last name. To be honest I love my name. Is is a pretty cool name, the only thing I don't like about it is that it is so girly. I am more of a mix between tom-boy and girly girl.

My first nick name is Sophie. To be honest I have no clue why my friends started calling me Sophie. It just kind of stuck after a while. My next nickname is kind of funny. My friends Jacob, John, Alex, and Brayden came up with it. They are my really close guy friends. Anyway my next nickname is Sofaa. Yes it is a Sofaa like the couch but yes I like it. Got a problem come talk to me about it. LOL. Anyway the last nick name is Sophaloaf. Okay so this name is quite odd and i'm not the biggest fan of this name but I could care less if you call me it. I mean it is just a nickname [: Anyway I got this name after a girl that though I was fat. She called me and well mainly people call me it to make fun of me /: Anyway like I said I could careless since it is just a nickname.

London, England
Yes.. I was born in London. I loved it there but when I turned fourteen my parents made me come here. I have the American or English accent or whatever y'all call it. I do tend to break out in French and have the London accent. Haha you mainly only hear it if you in my house [:

Okay, I am a complete sweetheart once you get to know me. I can tend to be a klutz and act crazy and all but that is me and I will NEVER change EVER for anybody. Sometimes if you are one of those prissy girls I can be a little snappy. I mean they are so not the best people on earth. I hate when girls think that it gets me soo mad. Well anyway, a lot of people say that I am a down to earth kind of girl. I care about everyone and everything. I hate it when people are sat it makes me sad because everyone should be happy. I do act like a boy sometimes so yea I can act one like being cool and stuff. You know well this is mainly about me. Become my friend to know more about me

Ugh, lets see i have 4 siblings 1 older one and 3 younger ones. my older is a brother named Nick. he is 20 and well he moved away so he isn't that much of a bother. but now on to my younger ones. i have Kelsey and Adam who are twins and both 9. they talk non-stop and annoy me soo much. they always go threw my stuff and tell my crushes and friends EVERYTHING and they get mad at me over everything and tell my parents on me. its soo annoying. and lastly i have a 14 year old brother named Josh. he is pretty cool and doesn't bother me much but he tells my friends and my crushes/boyfriends everything. so yeah.

I am 100% straight - or heterosexual if you want to be specific and exact with your terms. I'm sorry ladies, but I have never felt anything but the mutual feeling of friendship towards another girl. Now, guys, I have had crushes on, though not lately since I've been busy with coping.

My mother and my father. They are always there for me and I love them. I also have my Nana and Poppy living with me as well and they are everything to me I love them as well.

Male.. Just kidding. I'm 100% Female. Well, at least i would hope that I am a female because last time i checked i was. but maybe not. OH NO D: LOL but like I said earlier I am more of a inbetween tom-boys/girly girls.


My height is '5''7, Yes I am a little short don't say anything rude -.- and my Weight is 95lbs, Okay, so yea I may be skinny but to MOST girls I am considered fat /:

Blonde - Brown.
Okay, so naturally my hair is a dirt blonde in color, though I dye it a shade of brown or a lighter blonde (LOL). Anyways, my hair is pretty long, reaching down to past my shoulder blades and when it's not dyed and straightened, it falls in loose waves. I am pretty OCD about my hair, keeping it clean and washed you know.

My eyes are a deep green in color with a little bit of brown mixed in with it. my eyes don't mean much to me because they are just eyes. yes i like to see with them but besides that they aren't much. my pupils really stand out though so yeah. a lot of people say my eyes are REALLY pretty. i don't get it

My skin is actually very tan, it is a ACTUAL tan. I'm not like those fakes. I think the tan skin might have something to do with coming from England..I think someone told me once that we were supposed to have pale skin..But maybe that was people from Ireland she was talking about. Then again it could be both. You never can tell what my cousin is talking about as she normally skips from one subject to the next - like I'm doing right now. Anyway, yes, my skin is very tan.

I have two holes on one ear, then two on the other ear. OH and a belly button ring

A few...
I LOVE surfing it is what I mainly do in my life and it is awesome to feel the wind in your hair and just let everything go and be you.In my free time I like to draw. I am pretty good at doing just about any form of drawing. What I mean is I can draw realistic images, or cartoon-like, or anime style of art. I also listen to music..alot. I play guitar quite alot as well. It's a six-string electric guitar that's black with a white pickboard. I got it for my fifteenth birthday and basically threw myself into learning it.

Hmm. Well, I like art, music - One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez..
People like that. I love surfboarding.., duh Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Playing the guitar, You get the idea [:
oh yeah..
I don't like authority, most people, school, bullies, snobs, cheerleaders, jocks...yeah, the list goes on and on. You get it?
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PostSubject: Re: Sophia Lilly Parker   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:18 am

If you'd like to know, This Sophia. I lost the password to my account.
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Sophia Lilly Parker
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